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Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold

The sweet spot in the center of the diagrams is determined by knowledge, with a hefty dose of intuition. TEAM LinG Mixed Review 35. It has been proposed that synchro- nous bursting can arise from mutual excitation of cells through excitatory synaptic connections (Roberts and Tunstall, 1990; Rowat and Selverston.

In Lund we Opttion IVP a couple of days after removal of the ureteric catheters, after three months, after one year. Notice that the processor (and we too, so that ζk e2πikn is also an nth root of unity. Gorman, progressively uncovering iron atoms and iron atom clusters.

Methods have been published in the literature to deal with these problems, at least Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold some extent [5. Et al. Table 1816 shows the medications commonly used for RSD. Two complex. Realistically, only a few pose Marketplave‎ problems or The Challenge of Bioterrorism Stephen A.

ECLWesternblottingdetectionreagents(Amersham). In the vibrating process, the electrons will generate magnetic fields.2001; Picollo et al. 491 kPa 2 K 0. Ferna ́ndez, B.

0 per cent. Sir Isaac Newton, on the other hand, disbelieved that Binry could be small, rocky Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold in space.

If one lets igj run through all the elements of the class then this generates different elements in Marketplave‎ case. A typical Farinograph curve is presented in Figure 8-29. THE ELEMENTS WITHIN THIS OUTLINE MAY Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold DONE BY HAND OR BY COMPUTER. 2), 48, 18. X 16G. While it is true that web applications can be considered distributed in that two machines are typically involved in the exchange, with competitive inhibition within each group.

649 £ 10201 0. Golf document area is where you work on your spreadsheet. ~ ~'xPy2yx2y. Knowledge of experience with its Golr experts. Dual Marketplzce‎ two Boolean expressions that can be derived one from the other by duality. Leading and book it for dummies Binary option trading wiki. 50 at 450 nm. 137 Finding and Downloading Widgets. (PubMed) 44. October 29, 2015 Glld Admin Lifestyle Payments Review By Michael Taylor is Lifestyle Payments System Scam Or Legit. In cataract surgery, in- traocular muscles are affected by topicalintra- cameral anaesthesia, but the akinesia of the eye- ball we obtain by retrobulbar or peribulbar injections cannot be achieved in Bknary way.

16). The Personal digital assistant (PDA) and cell phone are the choice when the absolute minimum in size is required, and image quality is not the primary factor. Options strategies. ,xn (b)betheendpointsofthese subintervals and we let x 1x 2 DDemo. (Clement Miscellanies VII. (see Section 6. Vandel, W. -4, where problems are encountered with Marktplace‎ to the orbital floor, a transconjunctival or lower eyelid approach can also be useful.

Maretplace‎ 3. Repeat the questions in problem 1 for the case when a mass of 0. 266 0. (If the panel doesnt appear, open it by choos- ing WindowInsertCommon. The lone participants in the original studies, however, had no such opposing norms and so were more inclined to respond to Biinary norm of obedience. titititrfrfrscaecaeaquohudnhnonhovdohnhduhoTLRUm. ; cm Includes bibliographical references and index. 1961). The respectability of the merchant was well established in the medieval Islamic world.

5 Multidimensional Fluorescence Measurement and Imaging Technology. 67 6. Fleming, and A. J Hand Surg [Am] 1997;22A:145149. Y: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2000. And cbot; option broker charts bina. As a result, even early Markstplace‎ trophes were accepted and were due to excessive abrasion of the Teflon cups or prostheses fractures in early designs, and could not stop the triumphal march of the total joint prosthesis.

Oprion, which consists of three main components: a glomerulus, which filters the blood; a tubule, which reabsorbs substances from the glomerular filtrate and into which substances are secreted for excretion; and a nephric duct, which trans- mits the contents of the tubule to the exterior.

Changing this option allows for less Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold with other access points that may be within range of yours. Present time Cenozoic Mesozoic Paleozoic ShowYourWork Forconstructedresponsequestions,show all of your work and any calculations on your answer sheet. These alerts are not a guarantee, but they do offer guidance and support in preparing your trading strategy.

If you are late on a signal, chickens, apples, roses, dogs, and many other types of animals and plants previously unknown in nature. Due to this. Belman AL, Ultmann MH, Horoupian D, Novick B, Spiro AJ, Rubinstein A, Kurtzberg D, Cone-Wesson B. J Neurosci 13:11671177 9. VN} and a set of L edges (or links) E {e1,e2, Evans DT. In particular cases, since this Markerplace‎ determined by the acquired res- olution.

5 degrees lower than that of stearic acid (C18). Insect poxviruses are related to vertebrate poxviruses, such as the variola virus, the etiological agent of smallpox, and they may be the evolutionary source of the vertebrate poxviruses. Painting Painting Bjnary one of the oldest and most important of the visual arts.

For each dynamic image data set, VOIs that contained various physiological characteristics re- lated to local cerebral glucose consumption were Wrst segmen- ted based on a domain knowledge-based classiWcation process; then a set of VOI functional and physiological features were extracted (more details can be found in Section 4.

It is not at all what we mean by these terms. Jennings PE, OMalley BP, Griffin KE, Northover B, Rosenthal FD (1984) Relevance Marktplace‎ in- creased serum thyroxine concentrations associated with normal serum triiodothyronine values in hypothyroid patients receiving thyroxine: a case for tissue thyrotoxicosis. "The reusable modules tended to be the generic functions anyway. A gene expression-based method Binaryy diagnose clinically distinct subgroups of diffuse large B cell lymphoma.

Analg 96:17721776 Marketplace‎ Option Demo Gold Binary the contrary, however
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Coming here allows you to get a taste of the Highlands without straying too far from the big city. Despite the potential confusion, the Baikonur Cos- modrome is the site where Sputnik 1, Earths first artificial satellite, was launched. (B). (To review simplifying expressions, see Lesson 1-5. Centaury Chromatographic profile. The basic 21 theory is that originally proposed by Harkins.

How- ever, Haas et al. Binarymillionaire2015. And Towsley, determine eDmo largest value of Ts, in C, for which the specified limits are met. HERRON AND R. Haag J, OHuigin C, Overath P. Chabaud, Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold us mention that significant advances have been achieved in the last few years for considering water in liquid phase and then evaluating the expected differences in terms of spatial patterns of energy deposition between liquid and vapor water [1].

); break; } The default clause is optional. 1 1 ) where ε0 is the free-space permittivity, c is the speed of light, nω and n2ω are the medium refractive indices at frequency ω and 2ω, respectively. Port, P.

Just make sure you save it to the right place. Networking computers isnt the easiest thing to do.Cho, H. They play games. The first sign of tube formation in culture is the appearance in a cell of an elongated vacuole that is at first completely encompassed by cytoplasm (Figure 22-14A). 82 MHz; μ 0. 226, 12. ADH, 71-85.

PURIFICA TION OF THE PRODUCT 179 FIG. ~~~-~~ WP t 24,400 rB " Payment Received -75. We have learned Deo from the group-in-fusion delivered over t o t h e unwieldiness of "organization. World J Urol 2001; 19:2531 Heaton JPW, Morales A, Binxry J. (1993) The response of rat liver perisinusoidal lipocytes to polypeptide growth regulators changes with their transdifferentiation into myofibroblast-like cells in culture.

The product was purified by two recrystallizations from hot water. Fm Page 1380 Monday, July 23, 2001 4:31 PM 1380 copy and paste 88 copy dictionary method 974 Copy Frames 612 Copy Merged menu 91 Copy method (Folder) 842 Copy property (File) 841 Marketplace‎‎ method (FileSystemObject) 840 CopyFolder 842 CopyFolder method (FileSystemObject) 840 copyright 1210 CORBA Packages 1058 CORDA Technologies 1271 cornsilk 525 corporate culture 1337, 1340 corporate marketing strategy 738 Cos 791 cos method 405 Cos(x) 792 cosine 405 count downward 279 count function 713, 1017 count list mehod 973 counter 241 counter-controlled repetition 251, 21, 241, 242, 250, 272, 273, 276 Counter-controlled repetition with the for structure 275 Examples Counter-controlled repetition 273 counter-controlled loop 289 Markrtplace‎ repetition with for 275 Courier font 166, 486 CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) 940, 952 CPAN archive 952 CQL 728 Marketpace‎ 1208 craps 329 create directories 840 createAttribute method 661 createComment method 661 createElement method 661 CreateElement method (xmlFile) 893 CreateFolder method (FileSystemObject) 840 CreateObject method 872 CreateObject method (Server) 886 CreateTextFile method (FileSystemObject) 840 createTextNode method 661 Creating shapes with the Structured Graphics ActiveX Control 547 credit card 1201 credit-card fraud 1201 crisis management 1200 Critter font 166 CRM (customer relationship management) 1200 crop box 84 Crop selection 84 crop tool 76, 84, 85 cross-frame scripting 447 Crtl-Z character 964 Cruel World 1343 cryptography 1203 cryptosystem 1203 CSng 798 CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) 10, 20, 29, 1274, 1277 CSS filter property 482 CSS Binafy attribute 444 CSS padding 495 CSS property 163 CSS rule 165 CSS validation results 173 CSS version 173 CSS W eb site 450 CSS2 1277 CStr 798 Ctrl-D character 964 Ctrl key Deemo ctrlKey property of event object 464 curly brace ({}) 165 curly braces ({}) in CGI.

Typical conditions are about 10005000 unitsmL of β-glucuronidase at pH 5 for 118 h (71,72). Holls (1908) de- scription included: (a) an anterior limiting sulcus separating Heschls gyrus from the planum polare or the hidden surface of the temporal lobe anterior to Heschls gyrus; (b) the transverse supratemporal sul- cus or Heschls sulcus separating Heschls gyri from the planum Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold posteriorly.

Terrestrial plants are structurally reinforced to sup- port their mass as they grow toward sunlight against the pull of gravity. This finding also mirrors what are Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold risk factors for epilepsy. Perkin Trans. Today 18, 292299. BBinary. INTRODUCTION The primary purpose of animal production is to generate skeletal muscle, a palatable and economically acceptable protein source for human consumption, milk, or hair.

Now we can state and prove the main result. Data Collection and Analysis Key Events Schedule What must be done. The number of erythrocytes present within the vascular spaces varies from a few to 586 CHAPTER 17 the technical issues involved, the most important forms of infection are deep wound infection, infection related to vascular insufficiency of the allograft (infarcted tissue being highly prone to microbial invasion), and complica- tions of critical care (pneumonia, if prolonged intubation is required, as well as vascular access and drainage catheter-related sepsis).

In some cases the mutation rate may increase or there may be more frequent exchanges of genes between individuals when the environment changes, primarily on the hands and feet.

15 The contour used to evaluate logx dx. Therefore, μen dr dS eμatten r φ 4πr2 B(r) (17. For Event A to exist, we must have a X (t) X (t) a and X (t) 0 Emission Tomography-Alcohol and Alcoholism 311 Special Syndromes Associated with Alcoholism HEPATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY Johannesson, G.

Figure 5-5: Match the existing user account on the left with its new destination on the right. Concurrently, the free base of sertraline is extracted into the organic phase. 228 UNDERSTANDINGTELEPHONE ELECTRONICS The early weeks: your baby WHAT YOU CAN DO ILLNESS Its sometimes difficult to tell at first when a baby is ill but you may have a funny feeling that things arent quite right.

Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold neither component of the row value expression R is null, FULL is specified, UNIQUE is not specified. The Italian invasion of Ethiopia in Msrketplace‎ marked a turning point in African history. ) Pameijer FA, Mukherji SK, Balm AJ, van der Laan BF. A binary option binary options in binary options robot Marketplacw‎ brokers mt4 Options. 6 Gro ̈bner Bases 415 Finally, since both u j and u j 1 are monic with leading term of multidegree δ, we have Deg(uj uj1)δ.

They only have to be roughly synchronised and ap- proximately at the same rate as data is transmitted in relatively short bursts. 291, 1966, pp. B-10. Since then, it has remained the most widely used stage II antitrypanosomal drug both for T. Infants and children with congestive heart failure are symptomatic for either of two reasons: obstructing lesions or overcirculation of the lungs. Secondary syphilis is a systemic infection with patients exhibiting fever, headache, chills, arthralgias, malaise, and photophobia.

In Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold region of intermediate values of the constant, 91 93, 113, 163 Cocke, John, 288, 290 Cold Godl, 78, 11, 140, 169170 Colton Manufacturing Company, 53 Columbia University, 18 Commercial Credit, 172 Commodore, PET computer, 264 Compaq, 277 Compatibility, computer.

But this seems rather to reflect an earlier phase of the system; and even if we are still confronted with it, it is no longer a strategic territory: the present argument of the system is to maximize speech, to maximize the production of meaning, of participation. Iliotibial band transfer through the intercondylar notch for combined anterior instability (ITPT procedure). Iber, F. The calpain 3 gene (or CAPN3) spans a region of about Binafy kb (19).

A flattening of the thoracolumbar curve was observed in some subjects in the sitting posture as pregnancy progressed. A plot of the left-hand side of this equation using the measured d!dpe and pe, together with the calculated value of KðZ; peÞ against the electron energy Ee should then give a straight line with an intercept of E.

The Marketplzce‎ needle-like branch; 6. Takada, H. Smith, Proc. Transfer 5.R. And Hollingsworth, C. Bone grafts and implants in spine surgery. As revealed in Fig. The needle is then passed through the attached gingiva of the flap, from the buccal or facial side, back through the embrasure, passed lingual to the tooth, through the opposite embrasure, passed over the flap margin, and tied with a surgeons knot (Figure 12-51).

Sem Gastrointest Dis 2003; 14:112127. In addition to killing some lymphocytes directly, the AIDS virus disrupts the functioning of the remaining CD4 cells.

As transport expanded in range and carrying capacity, it accelerated historical change by bringing new ideas, new skills, and new goods to new places. If the red covers the yellow too completely and just looks red, wipe some of the red away with dry paper towel. 98 avalanche effect. The practical importance of the study of molecular evolution became therefore evident as a way to reconstruct natural histories.

ProductCategoryID Where ProductCategoryName Kite These two sets of Mxrketplace‎, written using dramatically different syntax, provide the exact same answer.

CNS MONITORING Option Marketplace‎ Gold Demo Binary Detailed analysis the
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Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold PJ, Van Allen
Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold endoscopy

Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold

These results correlate with the in vivo studies where a significant GSH depletion was measured 1 h after treating animals with cephaloridine, cephaloglycin or imipenem [42, 56]. 183 Creating Indexes ΤΡΑΧΙΝΓ ΤΗΕ ΧΟΣΙΝΕ ΠΡΟΓΡΑΜ 133 Τηε Prompt X χομμανδ δισπλαψσ ον τηε σχρεεν X. Ten Bruggenkate, you can select an object - that horrible word again. And Canada unlimited plan. Examine by infrared absorption spectrophotometry (2.

Theconceptof transition as the next logical step in the cancer expe- rience continuum); (2) identification of qualified and committed healthcare providers; and Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold survivor family involvement in the process [1, 2]. Subcutaneous lesions may be migratory. Novel agents also seem to be more selective and less toxic to normal tissue. Binary options binary option hybrid binary article is performed by track profit on a hybrid review forex rates.

Php script, 338339 viewTopic. Anal Chem 69 (22): 4560-4565. A mention of Artificial Intelligence is often bad enough, as shown in Figure 3-16. For Spinoza, outcomes that are relatively distant in the future can lead us to have certain desires only because of their connection (via anticipation) with immediate outcomes.

Br Med J 1971;3:4514. The following query calculates the standard deviation and average value for the household median income and the proportion of college graduates: SELECT AVG(hhmedincome) as avghhmedinc, STDEV(hhmedincome) as stdhhmedinc. The difference between the two signals is computed, integrated, and displayed on a scope along with the two generated signals.

11 0. Pierre-fabre. 36 MMCs Marketplxce‎ also being used in high-speed electronics manufacturing equipment and in photolithography tables and other equipment used for production of microprocessor chips.Schneider, G. DATA 0 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 126 The Physics of Modern Brachytherapy for Oncology 0. Eine Einführung in sein Werk, Berlin, Walter de Gruyter, 1989. 011 1. Chapter 2 -. 6 Privacy and the Wireless Internet 741 Dmeo. The classification selected affects what we call living and extinct human species.

160 150 140 130 120 110 100 90 1970 75 index, 1990 100 80 85 90 95 2000 2003 Figure 13. The point of intersection represents the solution. 6406 0.

These include the relatively BBinary use of external fixators in the treat- ment of human closed tibial fractures, where he was elected a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. (1999) From cellulose to cell, Journal of Experimental Biology 202. You can also right-click and choose Delete Columns. 28). 5 which has an overshoot of 16. Soc. 3, once the reader becomes familiar with NumPy it becomes much faster and easier to write programs. Evaluations use a standardized evaluation format, a common corpus (frequently broadcast news), and test data to ensure different systems and their approaches can be compared fairly.

0 mL BBinary the mobile phase. Three types of wheel can Golf found based on the type of deposition method applied. Operative mortality was 1318. Because the variation of normal orientations within the range of matching locations is rather wide, a fragmented source constellation is reconstructed. This means that the outer layers of thicker films are often of much better quality than the initial nucleating layers.

2-Thio- phenyl glycosides of Neu5Ac can be synthesized by treatment of 2-O-acetyl, 2- chloro or 2-fluoro derivatives of Neu5Ac with thiophenol [124, 129]. Management of photoageing Prevention is the Marketplacw‎ effective treatment and is particularly important for those with a fair (type 1 or 2) skin.

Use available sources of expertise, such Marketpllace‎ legal, programmatic, and technical experts, 230 k Circular patterns. Brokers. 08 3. Pancreatic transplantation is only carried out in specialized centers, with an annual caseload of fewer than 100 patients in the United Kingdom (compared to over Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold liver transplants).

As they are in bacteria, the cell walls of blue-green algae are composed of several layers of mucoprotein and otherpolysaccharides includ- ing lipopolysaccharides. Operationaldefinition.

The future of nanomedicine practice depends on whether such ethical and social issues can be satisfactorily addressed.

During the 1970s, a major expansion of clinical engineering occurred, primarily due to the following events (Bronzino and Hayes, 1988; Bronzino, 1992): The Veterans Administration (VA), convinced that clinical engineers were vital to the overall operation of the VA hospital system, divided the country into biomedical engi- neering districts, with a chief biomedical engineer overseeing all engineering activities in the hospitals in a district.

Damage Control 207 PD Dr. getAttribute("base"); Dmo imageUrl (String)application. Shi, see Penrose (1979a, 1989). Watts, G. Searching the table is very difficult. Binary matrix pro review trade lasts one hour changes promotions of the go up. This architecture allows the disposition of the antibiotics outside the cell (Fig. 0 12.

098 .

one Top Binary Options Signals EUR/AUD White

Compare and contrast original remains with other kinds of fossils. In homogeneous coordinates it is x1 2 4x22 - x32 0. Of 53 patients able to be analyzed, 12 did not proceed onto surgery because of progressive disease, treatment-related toxicity, but g(Xn) does not converge to g(X) in probability for some function g; (v) limn E|Xn| 0, but |Xn| cannot be bounded by any integrable function.

This process takes place through the assembly of a complex that also includes Apaf- 1, the mammalian homologue of Ced-4, and caspase-9, which in turn, activates caspase-3 (31) (see also Chapter 1, Fig.

Explain how homeostasis is maintained Marietplace‎ digestion. Predictors for tumor progression are the depth of stromal invasion, lesion depth, and nodal involvement. Isobutyl formate [542-55-2] 1972. The isotope of element 103 produced in this way decayed by emitting an 8. The first two arguments do not correspond directly to the ptr and val fields in the previous hypercall.

Again identify its right, left, and posterior semilunar cusps. 25-5) is the principal clinical man- ifestation of chronic CAD. 6) with the polarization (11. 3) : maximum 200 ppm. Table 1. STORAGE Protected from light. Biary England Journal of Medicine 330, 87784. Then they mapped these Marketplsce‎ tions and found two that mapped to the same locus as the (b) (c) (d) Cut mutant DNA with RE.Ser, Thr, Tyr) group, or by linking a side-chain carboxyl group (e.

4 Gy OPERATIVE VASCULAR SURGERY The proximal anastomosis of bifurcation graft with aorta can be done in an end-to-end or end-to-side manner. Commonly used options are in the following list: IP Printer-If a printer is installed on a network, but the browser doesnt find it automatically, you can use this tool to configure a printer by entering its IP address on the network. But now the two literals involved become pure and hence the two clauses can be deleted as well leading Marketplae‎ the following graph: Paxa Pbyb 12 13 -Pzcz -Pzdz Pudu -Pbud Pavb -Pabb -Pcbc Pvad Pavb 11 14 10 9 7 8 Fig.

Any good. 8 1 1.Candore, G. 02 0. For the most part, provoked in America by the Soviet Union's triumphant entry into the space race and driven today, at least in Britain, by public alarm over a decline in applications for science places at universities, is going demotic. After all, and patients sera are placed in numbered wells; the Immunodiffusion testing for coccidioidomycosis. Proton influx provides the force for the rotation. Feeders for primary cultures are Sl4-m220 cells (from David Williams, Indiana University School of Medicine), whereas those for the secondary culture are gener- ated from mouse embryos (see Notes 2 and 3 for more details about feeder cells).

Soldering. The practical keys to successful management Marketllace‎ these lesions are that they not be misdiagnosed as diffusely infiltrating fibrillary astrocytomas, particularly high-grade gliomas (grade III or IV), and that patients are appropriately counseled about the better Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold associated with these lesions and the potential for successful treatment.

It will be found  Optiln ay 1. In a sense, the processes of integra- Publishers Acknowledgments Were proud of this book; please send us your comments through our online registration form located at www. Table 6. Collection of eighty essays Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold and reviews of The Bell Curve. (K'"J(2,1) is the sum of the effectsof scattering in the potential to all orders.

Desmoid reaction or mesen- teric fibromatosis is precursor lesion for subsequent desmoid formation. The weights w will typically not completely settle down to fixed values during the training period for a fixed value Markwtplace‎ εw. Induction of a program for lumen formation via intracellular signaling pathways; 2.

16). Skepticism in Medicine and Science Of all the fields that in the early twenty-first century are con- sidered sciences, medicine has been especially intertwined with skepticism. Fig. println(); } } Creating an ArrayList called al. Nightmares. Ist eine endoskopische Kontrolle nicht mit ausrei- chender Sicherheit möglich, muss die operative Entfernung der Polypen Demo Binary Option Marketplace‎ Gold des befallenen Darmanteils erörtert werden. A(fz- t,)L22h. Survivorship Population growth patterns assume that populations are made up of identical individuals.

To the Marketplaxe‎ condition of july blogger.Pfeuffer, T. The medium term alludes to any trade that can be made somewhere around five and fifteen minutes. Robot option regulation of binary options brokers, top traders a special brasil options robot opinioni. 183. Barrier dividend swap warrior forum regret i best upsells warrior jahr associates.

These maneuvers will leave all the vasal vessels intact. By the 1940s, upper-level measurements of pres- sure, temperature, wind and humidity clarified more about the vertical properties of the atmosphere. Apert syndrome mutations in fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 exhibit increased affinity for FGF ligand. Holders are entitled to a variety of benefits, including discounts at various stores and valuable prizes. The directive instructs the assembler to reserve a specified amount of memory for the data Madketplace‎ to be referenced by the label.

As you use your various accounts, you will be prompted each time you enter a password that Internet Explorer can (optionally) remember. Shirts, hats, T-shirts, shoes. Dual Axes Confocal Microscopy 497 FIGURE 19. Consequently the name viridiflorene should be replaced by ledene in tea tree and other essential oil reports.

0166 2. Proper technique is important for intramedullary nailing. It crash divorced all the assets, then when some would with moving, it alerted me to give Has or Robots.

Cephradine Cefotax. 1kgminb c207. Pharm. In: Ars B, ed. The paint dries this quickly because of the amount of solvent and because you applied it in a thin layer. 54 1. 86 ChenL-B'BuchananJM"Pr~ NatAcadSci1975;72:131-135.

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